Friday, August 28, 2009

oh goddddddd

For starters, I never really liked that song "you're a jerk" it disgusts me to see songs like that and people consider it "hip hop." Now, I am no HIP HOP HEAD, but I do know better than to put something in the wrong genre, you wanna talk hip hop, you can go ahead and discuss that with Retro-Richie. It's not my area of expertise.
Anyways, I was on and got a friend request from lvsxmusic, and I saw the link to their blog and I went to look and saw this video. hah. Personally, I think that this video is fucking hilarious. The guy is totally lame looking, but the whole idea of a parody makes me laugh. haha...
When I was asked if I had heard the "original" song, I hadn't, but had assumed that the song was about an asshole or something.
Oh boy, was I wrong and I am totally disgruntled about it and the fact that it's a dance? Enough with this making up of dances, like the ricky bobby, and halle berry... it's not that creative... there is one lame one I do enjoy, but can't do and thas the "soulja boy dance" haha.
but what about the kid and play, the roger rabbit, the tootsie roll (; the good shit?! Trust me, I know that I am only 20 yrs. old, but I enjoy music and dances and fashion of the '90s.

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