Saturday, August 29, 2009

typical san diego charger loss

Why is it that every time the Chargers lose, it's within the last 20 seconds of the game?

Overall the game was pretty amazing, and they all did a pretty awesome job. I love my Chargers... Here's a few players I would like to address specifically:

  • Vincent Jackson had an amazing one handed catch, now tell me I wasn't saying that not only is he sexy, but he is a FORCE to be recon with. Since he first started for us, he was one of my favorites, it's a DAMN shame that it's hard for me to get his jersey.
  • Nate Kaeding never seems to disappoint and miss a field goal. YOUR JOB IS TO KICK THE BALL BETWEEN TWO FUCKIN POLES. and he wonders why no one was screaming his name or cheering for him when he was the first one out on their first open practice a few weeks ago.
  • Charlie Whitehurst. Just leave now. Yea, sometimes you do good, but you wonder why you're still 3rd string.
  • Phillip Rivers did an amazing job as usual... except for that call on intentional grounding, that boy is too proud to take the sack with the ball in his hands.
  • Billy Volek, now he is an amazing back up quarter back, never afraid to go that extra step, just like Phillip Rivers, I love it.
  • Larry English, always seemed to be about a 1/2 second off on every play... it's okay though, I'm not mad

The team as a whole, looking good...
Now I know that I missed the last two games due to the fact that I was in Seattle and didn't get to watch the game. Well I watched the Seahawks game, but it seemed every time the Chargers had the ball, they would be talking to a Seahawk player. So of course, I got pissed and decided to do my nails instead.
Back to the subject... Like I was saying, we did good..
I don't know HOW the hell they let their quarterback sneak all up in there for that touchdown. Damn was I pissed.
And for the touchdown before that, HOW THE HELL DID THE GUY GET PASS TWO PLAYERS?! Like they were standing around not paying attention...
annd Fellas?! I was glad that those incompletes were incomplete, but damn, grip it a little better, I WANNA SEE SOME INTERCEPTIONS!
I LOVE the defense for stopping them on 1st and goal and 2nd, and 3rd, BUT GOTDAMMIT... What happened on 4th and GOAL!? WE HAD THE GAME IN THE BAG. LEAVE IT TO HAPPEN TO THE CHARGERS ONLY?! I DON'T GET IT, I just don't get it :/

Some may say, oh it's just preseason... I don't give a DAMN if it's preseason, this is the preview of regular season and I want that superbowl ring for San Diego just as much as ANY Charger fan... but it's not gonna happen when people aren't doing their jobs... All I know is that when September 14th rolls around, I hope that the Chargers SHUT OUT the Raiders, that's all I'm asking for... for now atleast.... cuz after that, we have a tough three weeks...

13 - 3

12 - 4

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