Friday, October 2, 2009


I've been eyeing these Zigi Soho Zipora's from DSW for the last couple weeks. Too bad there isn't a DSW near me because I would like to try them on and see how sexy they really are (; get them here at DSW for only $69.95

I love the name of these, Blowfish Willis Bootie, (; haha, makes me feel immature. I was reading the reviews and I was SO sold on them, they'd be perfect for when I went to school or just going out with in general, in a casual setting :) get them here at DSW for only $69.95

I am also loving these N.Y.L.A Marriah Platform Booties too, I'm not one for animal print, but they almost make me think of the Christian Loubouton Booties that Rihanna was wearing, maybe it's just because of the leopard print... anyways though they look comfy and I want them (; Get them here at DSW for $89.95

rihanna photo from lipstick diaries

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