Friday, September 11, 2009

Shawne Merriman

I knew from the moment that I saw on twitter that Shawne Merriman was accused of "choking and restraining" Tila Nguyen, that it was ALL FUCKING BULL SHIT.
I had respect for her in her earlier years as an import model and then she got big on myspace and whatever, cool, do what you gotta do to get that money, but the moment the bitch came out with "a shot at love" I was over it, then along came "a shot at love 2." Obviously no one finds love on a reality show, it doesn't work that way, people will do whatever it takes to get their 15 minutes. I'm sorry, thats how I feel. I'm getting off subject though, So when I saw the tweet last weekend I was pissed, The fact that there was no "marks" I mean obviously if he really hurt her, pictures would have been leaked just like with Rihanna... So there was the starter, then there was the fact that the bitch kept tweeting all FUCKING WEEK ABOUT IT... if it was that big of a deal, she wouldn't have said anything... so theres where she's looking for attention and sympathy... then comes the "i'm allergic to alcohol, everyone knows" yet the bitch is at the club drunk as fuckkkk telling people not to get pictures of her drunk from the night before the incident. and THEN there was her twittering about meeting with the D.A yesterday, yet the D.A confirmed that he had NO MEETING WITH HER. That he actually had no idea.

Now I understand that Shawne Merriman was just trying to be a GOOD MAN and not let her drive drunk, regardless if "they were getting her transportation" I wouldn't want someone leaving my place totally shit faced so then what, if someone ran her dumb ass over, it would be his fault for letting her leave the house intoxicated! Now maybe he SHOULD have just called the cops on the dumb bitch, but, you don't do that to "friends." Lets just hope that Shawne Merriman learned his lesson fucking with trashy bitches....

Finally, I got that all out.

So lets

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