Friday, September 11, 2009

Nine Eleven Two-Thousand and One

Lets take another moment of silence for all the people who passed away today 8 years ago.
The one thing that I think is pretty sad about 9.11, I mean the WHOLE thing was sad, so maybe not sad, it's what dissappoints me is that it took TWO BIG ASS BUILDINGS to get planes crashed into and HUNDREDS of people to die for people to realize that they should be patriotic. Maybe I'm one of them, but I've never been one to be SO PATRIOTIC to wear the american flag or to put it up in my window or on my car, but it seems now that people don't EVEN CARE for patriotism again, just as if 9.11 never happened. Thats my opinion and like they say it sucks that people only care about something when something horrible happens. fucking rediculous.

So may all the people who died in the towers and all the people who died to help everyone else and to all the people in the planes that parished in the crashes rest in peace, sucks they had to be the reason for this nation "to get together" yet people still want to be racist and ignorant. It disgusts me.

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