Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Special Seattle Edition

So since I'm in Seattle, Wa. I thought I would do a special I hate it when based on my experiences here in Wa. Here goes...

- I hate it when BITCHES don't know how to say EXCUSE me at Guess
- I hate it when people have their turn signal on and I slow down to let them in and they don't get in
- I hate it when I go to Bank of America to take out money and I find out that my card is EXPIRED.
- I hate it when I go to WalMart and the photo kiosk doesn't read my FLASH DRIVE
- I hate it when I go into a store and it's sunny, but when I leave, ITS POURING RAIN!
- I hate it when I tell my nephew NO, and my mom goes ahead and does it anyway. lol.
- I hate it when people SLAM on their brakes just to look at a guy fixing a ladder on the back of his truck on the side of the freeway
- I hate it when old fob ladies are driving and are swerving all over the place in front of me!
- I hate it when I see a parking space upclose only to find out some bitch doesn't know how to park her Armada.

ahhh. I feel a little bit better now. one more week dealing with all this seattle bs. :)

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