Monday, February 15, 2010

Album Review: Timbaland Presents Shock Value II

So maybe I'm a little late, but for the most part this album BUMPS.
You can always count on Timbaland to give you those beats that you love, regardless of who is on the track.

I can listen to the whole thing through and enjoy it for the most part.
My favorite songs have got to be Track #3, "loose control" with JoJo, "say something" with Drake (bleh, i don't like him, but i'm DEF feeling it), and "meet me in the middle" with Brand-Nu aka Brandy.
I've always loved JoJo, haha, even back then with the song with Bow-Wow, that was my jammm. This is definitely a "me and my lover" kind of song. Always breaking the mold kind of thing. The lyrics are cute and I'm into it.
If you didn't know I despise Aubrey (Drake) because he is an R&B singer not a rapper, and his voice irritates the shit out of me. BUT, I love the beat and surprisingly I can deal with him singing, plus it's catchy.
Meet me in the middle is great, definitely a true song about quite a few people I know. Fellas, you gotta meet your ladies in the middle and vice-versa, you have to learn to compromise. So this goes out to my friends with crappy boyfriends. haha.

Maybe I'll come back on this and review some more because since it's been playing in my car, maybe I'll learn to like some more songs.

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