Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Nate Kaeding...

For the last 5 years Nate Kaeding hasn't ceased to disappoint me. 3 out of 5 play off games, he has missed FIELD GOALS that could have possibly led to the Chargers in the Super Bowl.
The fact that we were up 7 for the first 3 quarters and some how Nate managed to miss 3 field goals under 40 yards totally boggles my mind. When only a few weeks ago he nailed a 52 yd field goal.
Now I understand if maybe Nate was like Jamarcus Russel and had NO ACCURACY, then sure we deserved to have lost last night. BUT THE FACT THAT WE WERE DOWN 3 POINTS at the end of 4th quarter and he didn't make that last field goal makes me ANGRY. I have watched the Chargers year in and year out make it to the play offs and not seem to be able to get to that AFC Championship game because of this "kicker" of ours.
Every year I put up with people talking shit about the Chargers and how they're no good because they don't have a SB Ring, maybe your right, but this team has what it takes to get there and get it done, maybe we'd have a better chance if we dropped Nate Kaeding and replaced him with that Spencer guy, or even Mike Scifers? And every year the real charger fans keep saying "next year" "next year" WHEN THE HELL IS NEXT YEAR GOING TO HAPPEN. WE HAD EVERYTHING THIS YEAR. A QB with a 104 % passer rating, an amazing set of guys that could catch the ball no matter if we were being double teamed or not; Jackson, Gates, Nanee, Tolbert, Sproles, Tomlinson... the list goes on. We seemed to be unstoppable, 11 games in a row... all that hard work for Kaeding to fall like a little bitch under pressure? it's FUCKING BULLSHIT if you ask me. I want that piece of shit off the team and replaced with someone who is down to "hit that hole" when it counts.
Accurate sure, but where the hell was his accuracy for those 3 field goals? He gets paid MILLIONS of dollars to kick a ball between TWO FUCKING POLES. Really now. he needs to go.

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