Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Hate it when W E D N E S DA Y

Starting off early with a I hate it when Wednesday.

- I hate it when I'm trying to be nosey, and whatever it is is private. haha.
- I hate it when I'm standing in line for the DMV and someone wants to sit there and preach to me about the TEN COMMANDMENTS, you wanna be religious, good for you, do it on your own time, not one my time when it's 8 o'clock in the morning and I'm trying to register my car.
- I hate it when some how ALL my clothes end up on the floor, clean clothes at that and I gotta put 'em all back up.
- I hate it when some of my shirts don't stay on the hanger and THEY'RE CONSTANTLY falling off!
- I hate it when I gotta chase someone down for some money they owe me.
- I hate it when I'm driving down 8th street in Chula Vista that I have to do 35 MPH!
- I hate it when I have to get on the 805 anything. South or North.
- I hate it when people don't close the toothpaste cap!
- I hate it when I'm driving and I'm listening to music and you decide to TURN yours up all the way TO THE RADIO. C'MON SON (:
- I hate it when people wanna talk shit about the San Diego Chargers, and now all of a sudden because we're 6-0 since our bye week everyone wants to jump back on the wagon (that goes for anyone who is "into" sports)
-I hate it when girls wanna talk shit on the phone and online, but the moment they see you they wanna try and be all cute. fuck that, I'll stomp your fucking face in.
- I hate it when people BRAKE on the freeway with NO ONE in FRONT OF THEM.
- I hate it when my phone acts like a douche bag. haha.

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